Countdown-to-Christmas Journal

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Article Courtesy by Nancy Stoltz

Christmas is coming, and many people like to create a journal to document the season. I have done this for the past two years and I really enjoy taking the time to create something every day amidst the hustle and bustle of the holidays. My family members enjoy looking through them when they are at my house for dinner, and we all reminisce. I like the fact that they are separate from my regular scrapbooks, enabling us just to focus on Christmas pictures.

How to Choose a Journal

Think of what you want to do with your journal. Is it going to be more of a scrapbook or more of a journal? If you think it is going to be more of a scrapbook, choose an album with page protectors. If you'd rather have more of a journal, you can pick any type of album, from a regular-sized one to a mini album. Of course, don't forget that whatever you pick must have at least 25 pages, or more, if you are planning to make double-page spreads  for each of the 25 days leading up to Christmas. I like to purchase an album with a plain cover that I can customize.


What to Write

You can write about just about anything, from Christmas memories, to your daily activities for this year. You may even like to include lists or recipes in your book. If you are stumped, there are many online classes to help you get started. I have personally taken the class by Shimelle Laine. She includes a full-color prompt every single day, from December 1st to January 5th


Putting It All Together

The main thing about doing a Christmas journal is that it is coming at a very busy time of year. I have found it very helpful to put as much of the book together in advance as possible. Every year I scour my supplies for whatever Christmas-type leftovers I have in my stash, and I put them in a big box ahead of time. I like to cut the cardstock for the pages and make coordinating tags ahead of time so they are available when I want to use them. This year, I am thinking of using digital calendar elements to save myself time.


Whatever you do, making a Christmas journal is sure to help you reflect and enjoy your holiday even more, and will be a keepsake your whole family will treasure.


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