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It's the time of year for gifts, and you don't have to only use your scrapbooking supplies on your layout! Why not make unique, cute, and personalized gift bags for every season? Below you will find great ideas for embellishing gift bags for any occasion!

The Basics

Begin with simple, plain gift bags. I used kraft-colored paper gift bags to give a neutral start to my projects. These plain gift bags can be found at any national chain craft store, and can be bought in kraft, white, black, or other colors. When your embellished bag is complete, stuff in some matching tissue paper to give your bag an extra pop!

1_320_168For The Teachers

  • school-themed patterned paper
  • black-and-white dotted grosgrain ribbon
  • assorted buttons
  • red organdy ribbon
  • plain #2 pencil

I used striped paper with bright colors - reds, greens, oranges, and blues. These warm colors really feel like "school," or at least like the fall season when school starts. Black polka-dotted ribbon was added onto the bag to add some fun. Then, buttons were added to give the bag some dimension and flair. Next, I cut out an apple and school phrase from patterned school-themed paper, and matted them on black cardstock to make them feel more like embellishments. Then, I punched a hole in each, and secured the tags to the paper bag handle with ribbon. Finally, I used a ribbon to tie a pencil to the handle for that extra school theme kick!

2_320_120Ghoulish Halloween

  • Halloween-themed patterned papers
  • Halloween-themed stickers
  • black organdy ribbon
  • green-and-white dotted grosgrain ribbon
  • wrapped candy to attach to bag

What a "sweet" gift bag! On this bag, I used a Halloween-themed patterned paper to give the bag a dark, spooky look. I added a line of thick, green ribbon to make this bag really pop. Next, I used decorative scissors to cut a line from orange pumpkin-themed paper, and tucked it underneath the green ribbon. I also cut a thin strip of another Halloween-themed paper and placed it just above the green ribbon. Then, I added a ghost sticker (which was mounted on orange paper) to the bag. Finally, I used ribbon to secure some candy to the handle for the ultimate Halloween treat bag! (You may need to use adhesive glue dots to help secure the candy.)

3_320_90Simply Holiday

  • Christmas- or holiday-themed patterned papers
  • Christmas- or holiday-themed stickers
  • adhesive rhinestones or "bling"
  • assorted green, red, and blue ribbons

I first used decorative scissors to give the green patterned paper a special edge. Next, I cut a strip of red holiday-themed paper to warm up the bag. Then, I used a holiday-themed sentiment sticker to define the bag. Finally, I added three cute little ribbons to the handle.

Other Great Ideas:

Baby Shower Gift Bags - Use ribbons to tie teensy baby socks to the handle.

Bridal Shower Gift Bags - Use ribbons to secure faux diamond rings to the handle. These can be found at national chain craft stores.

Weddings - Use ribbons to tie snippets of silk flowers to the bag. Use only a few flowers, to keep it simple yet beautiful.


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