Product Review: Cricut Tool Kit

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Author: Denise Gormish

Working with small intricate cutouts made by the Cricut machine can be difficult. If you are not careful, the cutouts can tear. When I heard about the Cricut tool kit, I wanted to see if it would help release the cutouts more easily and effectively.

1_411The Cricut tool kit includes a pair of small scissors, scraper, bone folder, craft knife, scoop tool, hook tool, and 7" ruler. All of these tools are stored in a zip-up storage container.

While some tools like the ruler and scissors are self-explanatory, others items need some explanation and familiarity to get the most use out of them. The scraper allows you to quickly clean the Cricut mat of all the leftover paper scraps. The bone folder scores and creases paper effectively. The craft knife has a flat square area that provides an edge for sliding under the paper. The scoop tool helps lift pieces off the mat. The hook tool removes small circles of paper and cleans small holes.

The tool kit not only makes it easier to remove the cutouts but it provides an array of multi-use tools in one place. The following tools were especially helpful:

  • Craft Knife and Scoop Tool. These two tools work in tandem. With its wide and sharp edge, the craft knife helps to loosen the paper. Then the scoop tool helps to lift it out. While the scoop tool is nice, I had success accomplishing both tasks with just the craft knife.
  • Hook Tool. The hook tool proved to be very valuable when removing the cutout from the paper in small areas where it did not get completely cut. With just a little pressure with the hook tool the paper and the cutout separated without fault.
  • Scraper Tool. The scraper tool removed the leftover paper from the mat quickly and efficiently.

While the kit is designed for the Cricut, the tools can also be handy for other cutout devices or crafting projects. The craft knife and hook tools are especially helpful for any craft involving intricate cutting. The hook tool also works for creating small holes.

While it is nice to have all the tools in one place, I could have used a more limited supply. Some of these tools are sold separately. If you already have a wide selection of tools, I would suggest the craft knife and the hook tool as the two most useful tools from the set to buy.

My one disappointment with this set is the storage container. The first time I used it, the tab on the zipper broke. The whole container feels cheap and flimsy. I have taken all my tools out of the container and store them separately.

The Circuit tool kit makes using the Cricut much easier and is also valuable for a variety of crafting projects.


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