All Clustered Up

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Article Courtesy by Sheredian Vickers

Strolling leisurely along a serene seashore, I noticed a conglomeration of seashells, a sand dollar and bits of seaweed on the pristine sand.  The haphazard group of ocean debris seemed perfectly placed and was a marvelous complement to the bare sand.  That visual reminded me of how clustered embellishments are on a scrapbook layout.

I love, love, love seeing layouts with clustered embellishments!  Any group of three or more layout accents could be deemed a cluster.  The three elements are joined together for a cause.  In this case, the elements are used to dress up a scrapbook page.  Often times, this single group of embellishments will propel an ordinary layout to a WOW page.  Clustered elements can be the same or totally unrelated.

In "A Cold Winter Day," I used a combination of ribbon, staples, a clip and a button in the upper left corner to give character to the white space. 


Often times the embellishments may come as an afterthought, but when looking for something to make the page pop, an embellishment cluster is always in order.

I like to cluster buttons, stars, hearts or flowers on layouts.   I covered chipboard stars to use on "Fun Run" and layered paper flowers on diecut flowers on "Everyday Magic."

2_04  3_04

An ideal example of clustered buttons is shown in this layout by Amy Chomas.  Amy is a master of using buttons on layouts, and I think her passion for buttons rivals my own.  She chose to use multiple clusters of buttons on "Heads Up."  Note also how she grouped various sizes of circles to add visual appeal to the layout.


Kayla Richards often clusters embellishments on her layouts.  She proficiently places objects to give a simple but fun look to her pages.  Kayla's layout "Flip and Flop" presents a cluster illusion with strips of patterned paper, bling and journaling. 


"American Girl" by Suzanne Walker is a skillfully created digital layout.  Suzanne uses digital kits along with her own designs to create stunning layouts.   A group of hearts in the lower right corner adds eye candy to the page.  The monochromatic layout is beautifully done with just the right touch of embellishments.  And can you believe that she took the photos with her iPhone?


You can always make your layouts shine with clustered embellishments.  Look for more ideas and see the many fabulous examples in the Scrapjazz gallery.


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