Copics: The Blender Pen

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Article Courtesy by Christine Ousley

When you first start using Copic markers, you might think that the blender pen is used to blend colors together.  Actually, it doesn't really blend at all.  It does blur the line where two colors meet, and in that sense it blends colors.  It serves a very special and unique function.  When you apply the blender pen to a spot of color it lifts the color away.  I think the blender pen is one of the most useful tools that you can have in your marker collection.   


Why is this marker so special?  The first reason is that it acts like a magical eraser. Mistakes?  No problem.  Apply the blender pen to the area, causing the color to fade and "poof," it's gone.  Cool, right?  I think so.  Some stamped images can be very detailed with very small areas and it's difficult to stay in the lines.  The blender pen takes care of these mistakes very easily.

Another reason the blender pen is special is that it can be used to create patterns in inked areas.  Want to create a striped pattern?  Just run the blender pen across the image in parallel lines and the color will disappear and create a subtle stripe.  I love creating polka dots on dresses.  The following image shows how I pressed the   blender pen into the apron and headband, erasing the color to create the polka dots.


Here is another thought.  The blender pen can be refilled just like the other Copic markers and has the same tips as well.  A refill bottle is available and besides refilling t  he pen it can be used to create large texture patterns.  Apply solution to a rag or sponge and press onto a colored area.  Like magic you will see the pattern slowly emerge. 

The blender pen might not be correctly named but it certainly is one of the most important tools you will have when working with Copic markers.  Use it to fix mistakes or just have fun with it.  No matter how you use it, I guarantee that you will be amazed and wonder how you colored your images without it.


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