Learn to Scrapbook 04-Photos: Sorted and Scrapbooked

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Do you have a box or boxes full of unorganized, unlabeled photos? How often do you endure extensive, seemingly endless, and often frantic searches through your house looking for the one perfect photo you need?  By following some basic steps, you can have a system of photo and negatives organization that will keep you uncluttered. You’ll also waste less time searching for things and spend more time scrapping.

Where to begin? Whether you have just rescued your photos from old, magnetic albums or you have a towering stack of untouched pictures waiting to be scrapped, the sorting process begins by determining how and where you want to store the photos. Will you place them in photo albums so you and your family can enjoy them until they get scrapbooked? Or, will you place them in organizer boxes? Once that decision is made, organize your photos accordingly. 

The following are common photo organization methods used in scrapbooking:

  • Chronologically
  • By Theme
  • By Person or Group
  • By Portrait
  • By Event

Keep reading to learn more about sorting and storing photographs…

Watch Jill Davis, Scrapbook.com Founder, explain her photo storage methods in our From Boxes to Books video


Photos: from Boxes to Books (video)

Once your photos are sorted and organized, you will be ready to make your first album. Scrapbook.com carries over 100 different album kits in all sorts of themes and styles to make your first album a cinch! Here are several popular themes to get you started:

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