Learn to Scrapbook 09-Simplified Scrapbooking w/ Floorplans

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Want to learn the art of layout construction or get your layouts completed faster?  Floorplans, (aka blueprints, maps or sketches) might be just what you're looking for.  

Floorplans are the beginning building blocks for layout construction. They can be made from your imagination, your previous layouts, from ads in magazines or on TV, or you can purchase them from companies who produce them like Scrapbook.com:  

Just look at the basic design and arrangement within each Floorplan and you will see how you can layer layouts from the cardstock foundation up. You can follow a Floorplan exactly or adjust it to fit your photo sizes and personal style.  Even better, each Floorplan can be used in a unique way again and again with different photos, papers, and products and by simply rotating the sketch. 

Read more about how to use Floorplans to save time at crops.

Love the idea of one product with infinite uses?  Incorporate the Scrapbook.com printable E-Cuts into your layouts and you can re-print your page elements to use over and over again, saving both time and money


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