Alpha Variety

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If variety is the slice of life, then variety can be the spice of a good scrapbook page. We use variety in colors, textures and designs. Another way to create variety is by using different alphabet letters and fonts on a layout. Here are some ways to combine different lettering sets and fonts for an original look.

Use Different Types of Alphabets in One Layout. There are several types of alphabets such as chipboard, paper, stamps, and computer fonts. Combine several varieties on one page for a unique look.

Use Variety Within a Word. Add variety by mixing up individual letters in a title. Combine lettering sets and fonts to make a title that varies in its color and impact. In my layout "Did You Know?" I mixed three letter sets composed of two colors to make an original title design. The colors match the rest of the layout and the mix of alphabets adds a fun feel to the layout.


In another layout, I used a chipboard letter "A" and combined it with a computer font to finish out the word.


Use Variety in a Phrase. The same technique can be used with an entire title or phrase on a layout. Two fonts are combined to create a beautiful title in my layout "A Sweet Little Story." Notice how using two different types of fonts creates a more interesting title. Use different alphabet styles for each word of the title or mix up alphabet sets and fonts.


The same technique can be used with an alphabet lettering set.

Use Variety in a Visual Triangle. Use several types of lettering sets or fonts to create a visual triangle. By the placement of the alphabet lettering in a triangle, the eye can be lead around the layout, making the layout more visually appealing. In my layout about horseback riding, I used my daughter's initials three times with three different alphabet styles. I placed them in a visual triangle.


Use a Variety of Alphabet Letters and Fonts. Another way to use different alphabets is to combine them with a font. The combination can provide a contrast, especially when a big alphabet is used with a smaller font. In my layout "You Have My Heart," the larger alphabet lettering enhances the small font.


Use Alphabets as a Form of Repetition. A layout is more appealing if an element is repeated throughout the layout. Alphabets in their various forms can be repeated over and over again. Examples include repeating an age, a date, or a person's initials.

Add some spice to your layout with a variety of alphabets.

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