Learn to Scrapbook 08-Scrap by Color

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Color is probably the most versatile and exciting tool available to a scrapbooker. There is a vast supply of papers and embellishments available in every color imaginable. There are so many, in fact, that it can be difficult choosing what color(s) to use when creating a layout. 

A good starting place is to consider the following questions to help you determine what kind of color scheme is most appropriate for the page you are creating:

  • Scrap by ColorWhat colors match the photos I want to display? - Scrapbook.com's Scrap by Color tool is a fool-proof way to find a perfect color combination based on your photos.  Simply upload your photo, pick a color and play with the suggested color schemes.  Not only will you choose a great color combination, but you can then instantly shop for products to use with that scheme!

  • What colors present the mood I want to create with this page? - When scrapbooking with black and white or sepia-toned photographs, depicting a certain mood may be more important for a particular layout than finding matching colors to the photo.  Whether you choose yellows and browns to create a warm and cozy feeling; reds, purples, and blues to bring a regal and passionate feel to your page; blues and greens for a fresh and clean look; or neutral tans and creams for a calming, non-distracting background, you'll notice that color really does make a difference in the mood of your layout and can completely change the look of your photograph.

  • What colors represent the event or subject of the photos? - There will always be layouts that feature traditional holiday colors, school colors, baby boy blues and little girl pinks. And what's a St. Patrick's Day layout without green? Using this version of choosing your colors allows you to use many of the themed patterned papers, stickers and die cuts that are created by many companies with the "traditional" colors in mind.

For more tips on how to choose colors for layouts and develop color schemes, take our free online lesson “ t;Color Coordinating” as part of our FREE online learning tool, Scrap Tutor Volume 2: Elements and Design.


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