Learn to Scrapbook 12-Get Inspired in the Gallery

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One of the greatest things about the advent of scrapbook websites is the ability to view one another's work. In the Scrapbook.com Gallery you can browse the work of other scrapbookers and glean inspiration from their creativity. Even better, you can participate in that exchange by sharing your own layouts and receiving feedback.

The gallery is easy to navigate and houses over 1.2 million layouts, cards, scrap room photos, photographs and other projects. You can search for keywords (such as “baby”, “graduation” or “wedding”) or browse by artist, theme, technique, style or even color! With new layouts added every day, it’s a constant stream of ideas.

The best way to enjoy the gallery is to get involved, and it’s easy to do! 

  • Upload Layouts – Sharing layouts is easy with our step-by-step uploading tool. Not only can you share the layout or project itself, but we also provide an opportunity for you to tell about how it was created, what products were used and what themes and styles of scrapbooking it represents, adding it to our incredible library of inspiration.

  • Gallery FAQs – For those who aren’t as familiar with uploading images to websites, our FAQs will answer many of your technical questions about how to save files, what information to include with each layout and more. Questions that aren’t answered in the FAQs can be posted and answered in our forum dedicated to gallery-related discussions.

  • Gallery Etiquette – As with any community, there are certain common courtesies to extend when sharing layouts. Learn when to post comments, how to give credit to those who inspired your creations (also known as “scraplifting” etiquette), and how to categorize your layout so others can find it in their searches.

Galleries often become special communities of people who get to know one another through their layouts. So jump in and join us in the Scrapbook.com Gallery community.

Plus, watch our Finding Inspiration video tutorial for more ideas on how to find and store what inspires you! 

Finding Inspiration (video)


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