Product Review: QuicKutz Epic 6

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Article Courtesy by Rachel Myerson

Are you looking for a die-cutting machine that’s easy to use, can cut shapes up to 12 inches long, and works perfectly every time? That’s what I was looking for and have been very pleased with my choice of the QuicKutz Epic 6 Die-Cutting and Embossing System.

The Epic 6 features a cutting surface which is 12 inches long and 6 inches wide. This can used to cut a single die or multiple dies at a time.  The dies are placed face up on the cutting platform, they are covered with the paper face down, and they are topped with the cutting mat. Then the mat is placed into the Epic 6 and the user turns the crank towards herself  (counter-clockwise) and the die cut shape(s) come out the back.It’s as easy as that.


One of the reasons that I chose QuicKutz is their wonderful selection of dies. I already owned several 2x2 dies that I used with my Squeeze (purchased years ago). I wanted to be able to continue to use these while also being able to cut larger, more interesting shapes. The Epic 6 works with all previous formats of QuicKutz dies. QuicKutz makes a marvelous collection of dies known as cookie cutters. These dies do not use up any excess space past the edge of the shape. This makes it possible to line up more than one die on the Epic 6 close together, saving both time and paper. It is also possible to put several dies on the platform, covering them with different, smaller pieces of paper, and die-cut several shapes from different papers at one time. QuicKutz also makes 12 inch border  dies, which allow the user to cut 12-inch-long shapes including scalloped edges, vines, and many other border patterns.

The Epic 6 also works with dies from other manufacturers. Almost any other manufacturer of die can be used; just be sure to follow the instructions on the QuicKutz website.

The Epic 6 can also be used for embossing. I have some 2x2 QuicKutz embossing folders which work easily with the Epic 6. Recently, I purchased a 4” x 6” embossing folder from another company that I saw on sale at a craft store.  I switched to the embossing platform, put a 4” x 6”  piece of paper into the folder, covered it with the cutting mat, and put it into the Epic 6. Perfect! 

The Epic 6 can also be enhanced with the Letterpress for debossing and inking, opening up a whole new area of project possibilities.

I have been very happy with my Epic 6. It seems reliable, easy to use, and portable enough to move around my craft space.  One thing is to note is that it is important to use the cutting platform for cutting and the embossing platform for embossing. Also, never cut more than two pieces of paper at a time.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use die-cutting system that can die-cut and emboss small and large designs with dies from multiple manufacturers, then I highly recommend the Epic 6.


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