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Article Courtesy by Michelle Francis

In my real life, I’m a school teacher and a university student. I’m always looking for new products I can use in my scrapbooks about school. I also have a first-grader. Needless to say, my life revolved around school in one way or another. Journaling is something that I always think about last and I usually find a small place on my layout to do the journaling I want. I also look for a versatile item that can be found fairly cheap. I found the School Die-Cut Journaling Pad by Creative Imaginations, and was pleased to find it was only $6.99 – with great quality.

When I saw the Die-cut Journaling Pad, I automatically saw all the possibilities. There are 16 die-cut pages, each one is different from the next. Each die-cut measures 5.25" x 8". Each page is great quality and I found it can really hold its place as a focus point on your layout.

Each of the 16 pages can either be torn out with the perforated edge, or they can be pulled out from the metal rings to give it a rough-notebook edge. There are different types of text in this pad, from very basic, to an old cursive typewriter look.

  • Wrapping up the school year – there are die-cuts that help you record the following information:
    • Grade,
    • My teacher’s name,
    • My favorite thing,
    • My best friends were,
    • This year I learned,
    • I was good at,
    • I always liked,
    • I never liked,
    • I will never forget

    I asked my first grader to fill out one of the fill-in-the-blank forms. Since her school colors include blue, we chose the one with blue on it. It was fun to see what she remembered from kindergarten. I also liked that the smooth surface of the die-cuts made it easy for her to write on it with a permanent marker.

  • Remembering special occasions, there are 2 sheets that look much like notebook paper. It has a place for: who, where, date, and details. This would be great for a special field trip, project, or for any day where you want the feelings of the day to be remembered. My class went to a children’s museum and I wanted to make sure that I got down all the important information that happened that day.

  • The last set of journaling cards are blank lined with an apple in the corner. I found myself using one of these cards to describe my journey to where I am now. Teaching wasn’t my first chosen profession, but I’m glad it found me.

Whether you are a teacher, student, mom or wife of a student, or there’s a student you love, these journaling die-cuts will help give you a great start in remembering some of the most important parts of any education. I can’t wait to see what you do with your School Journaling Pad.


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