Beach Embellishments

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Article Courtesy by Rachel Myerson

I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean.”

I love spending time by the ocean, whether it is watching the waves crash, walking in the sand, or jumping waves with the kids. I love everything about it. The ocean is both peaceful and exciting at the same time. As a mom, there is nothing better than taking my family for a day at the beach. When I get back, I look for new and different beach embellishments so I can creatively scrap our day at the beach.

Make Your Own Sand

My absolute favorite product for making my own beach embellishments is Mudd Puddles Sand Paste.  This sand-textured paste can be used in many creative ways to make beach-themed embellishments. Try using it on chipboard to create a beach feel and then top it off with a die-cut for a fun embellishment as I did for this fishy embellishment

Spread it along the bottom of a page or album cover to create your own beach as I did on this summer album.

Making Waves

Many trips to the beach are all about water: splashing, swimming, riding, or just watching it. Consider embellishing your layout in a way that looks like water. One way to create waves is to layer torn strips of blue paper, either solid or patterned.

Another way is to punch the waves using a border punch.  Stamp a few splashes for an extra watery look.

Find Your Own Embellishment

Next time your children start searching for seashells, join the search, but look for embellishments. Nothing is better for a scrapbook page about finding shells than an actual shell from that beach.

You can use a whole shell or a nice, colorful piece. Just remember to think about the height the shell is adding to your layout. If you don’t like bulky layouts, then choose a relatively flat shell. Make sure you wash your shells carefully before you use them; I like to let them soak overnight. I attach shells with Glue Dots. Of course, if you are uncomfortable with real sea shells on your layouts, you can always use sea shell brads.

Beach-themed Embellishments

Looking for a more traditional beach embellishment? There are plenty of interesting ones to choose from. Here are a few ideas:

Whether you are collecting shells in the winter, sunbathing on a peaceful beach on a remote tropical island, or enjoying a family picnic by the boardwalk, I am sure you will want to scrap your visit to the beach. I hope this article gave you some new embellishment ideas to include on your beach layouts.


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