No-Photo Albums

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Article Courtesy by Georgina Hefferman


Believe it or not, there are times when I find myself in a great position to scrapbook. The housework is done, the dinner is cooking in the oven and I have all the time in the world to actually sit down and focus. It can be really frustrating, therefore, when in this peaceful time I am unable to find a single photograph to scrap!

For a long while I thought that I could only scrapbook if I had a photograph or two but actually, I soon realised that there is no need. You can create pages and albums without a single one.

I created this album about my top ten favorite television shows and I didn’t use any photographs at all. The focus was on my journaling instead. I am pretty pleased with the results and was grateful to have my creative fix for the day when I created it.

Once you are a scrapbooker you tend to take a photograph of anything and everything, everywhere you go. There will have been a time, however, when you did not have a camera with you, or perhaps you didn’t use your camera as much pre-scrapbooking? Albums without pictures can be just what you need to record those memories where you have no photos.  Think about writing some of the memories down so future generations can learn more about you.

Here are some of my top tips when creating an album without photos:

  • Focus on your journaling – let it take up a big chunk of your page. What do you want to say or share with your reader?
  • Use some busy patterned paper. In layouts with photos it can sometimes be difficult to get the patterns to match up or at least not clash. In an album where you have no photographs you can go crazy with the paper!
  • Create impact with your title. Use colorful lettering or designer fonts.

  • Get your stamps out – you might not have a photograph but you can add some pictures using your stamps.
  • Choose some large embellishments – use up more space with slightly bigger embellishments than you might use normally.

  • Check online – can you get a photograph from the Internet that would be able to add to a memory you are recording?
  • Focus on the detail – maybe now is the time to learn how to work your sewing machine.  Look at how you are embellishing your page; be creative.
  • Add interest to your page by using different textures.
  • Use up some of that stash you wouldn’t normally use, such as scraps of paper, odd letters and pictures from sticker sheets, or single embellishments. It doesn’t matter too much if they don’t match fully as there is no photo to clash with.
  • Have fun with it – just because you have no pictures doesn’t mean you can’t record a great memory. Paint the picture with your words. Be descriptive. Tell a story. Have fun!


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