Product Review: BasicGrey Sugar Rush

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Article Courtesy by Jane Swanson

How do you resist a paper collection with names like jelly beans, pulled taffy, gum drops, candy hearts, lollipop, peanut brittle, gummy bears, jawbreakers, and licorice, just to name a few.  My mouth is watering just typing the names!

BasicGrey’s new Sugar Rush collection with the candy names and romantic love-themed papers is perfect for engagement, valentine pages and even little girl layouts. I think this is my favorite BasicGrey collection and I can say that because I own them all!  You can buy the double-sided patterned paper individually or in a collection pack.

The collection pack comes with grey and polka dot alphabet stickers and a sheet of the Element Stickers.  There are also tons of embellishments with this collection and I used many of them to create an engagement/young love page for my son and his fiancee/wife.

My background paper is called Airhead. The pattern reminds me of the technique of coloring on paper with colored crayons and then coloring over them with black and scratching it away to reveal a rainbow pattern.  This childlike look added a playfulness to the photos.

A 1/2” strip of the Cinnamon Bear over the charcoal side of the Fireball paper was a perfect accent for a diagonal on my page, but I think I was influenced by the name of the paper complementing the “bear hug” in the photo.  The Gummy Bear paper had the phrase You & Me scrawled on it which gave me the inspiration for my title.

The chipboard shapes are my favorite element in this collection.  They pop out easily and retain their protective back layer until they are ready to be used.  That feature makes it easy to move the shapes around before committing to a certain placement.  It is then a snap to remove the paper and adhere it to the page.

Fabric flowers called Bloomers provided the perfect accent for my title block and with the entire back having adhesive, I knew that each rounded edge was going to stay flat.

As I completed my page, there was a lonely left-hand corner that needed an extra boost and that’s when I turned to the Elements sheet in the collection pack.

The two sticker phrases I used were “A Dream Come True” and “Absolutely Perfect.”

These two sayings also perfectly sum up my thoughts about this collection.


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