Dressing up Die Cuts

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Article Courtesy Scrapjazz.com: by Rachel Myerson

Die-cuts are great! Regardless of what type of die-cutting tools you have, they allow you to make variety of shapes and letters in whichever color you need. However, sometimes the plain paper used for the die-cut is too simple and you might want to dress it up a bit. Here are some suggestions for dressing up die-cuts.

One great and easy way to dress up your die-cuts is to add Stickles. If you haven’t already discovered this wonderful product, it is an upscale glitter-glue which is easy to apply (unlike the children’s craft product) and comes in a variety of perfect colors. In this layout about my son feeding the birds, I used a thin line of Patina Stickles along the die-cut vine. I also used Stickles around the edge of each die-cut bird, and further dressed up the birds by adding a tiny pearl for the eye.

I think the combination of Stickles and jewels is a great way to dress up die-cuts. Here is another example; this time it’s a die-cut snowflake that I dressed up with Stickles and a rhinestone for use in an acrylic mini-album.

Stickles are not the only way to dress up a die-cut. In this layout, I wanted to draw attention to the butterfly by making it as different from the rest of the layout as possible. I covered the butterfly with ink, and then added rhinestones on the wings and pearls along its body.

It’s also possible to dress up premade die-cuts as I did on this card. I added pearls for the alien’s eyes and stamped a greeting into his mouth.

Die-cuts are great. However, you can make them even better by dressing them up with Stickles, jewels, stamps, doodles, or other embellishments.  The possibilities are endless. Have fun and don’t forget to share your work in the gallery here at Scrapjazz.


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