Love at First Cut

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Article Courtesy by Sheredian Vickers

When the Cricut Expression made its debut, I didn’t see any reason to get it because I already owned a Cricut Personal Cutter and it did everything I thought I needed.  I had held off a long time before investing in a die-cut machine, and when I finally got a Cricut, I thought that was all I would ever need.  Wrong!   One day while cropping at the local scrapbook store, one of the ladies was demonstrating the Expression and I went WOW!  I immediately began to plan a place for the Expression in my crop room, put an ad to sell my little bug, and the rest is history. 

The Cricut Expression is more than just a personal cutter.  It cuts chipboard, material, cork, plastic, transparencies, and probably other things that I have not yet tried.  It works such wonders with paper that you really don’t need to buy embellishments since you can cut your own.  Cartridges, though a bit pricey, can always be bought at bargain prices when they are on sale, and they always are on sale somewhere!  

From fancy cuts to basic cuts, this is a must-have.  I especially like the fact that cuts can be sized to whatever size I need, and I can always get the perfect shadow image if I want it.  The Cricut Expression was one of the best craft investments I’ve made. 

Here are a couple of layouts I designed using the Expression.



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