My Scrapbook Room

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Article Courtesy by Michelle Francis

My scrapbook area has taken many transformations from the time I started to scrapbook. I first started out with a big  plastic bin that I could keep in my dorm closet. Then, my mother-in-law bought me a Crop in Style on wheels and I was in heaven. I never thought I could accrue enough to fill that up. I look back and laugh at that idea now.


Three years ago, I told my husband I really wanted a nice place to scrapbook. He agreed, on one condition: that I share my space with him. I said ok. We started buying the Store In Style cubes every time they went on sale. We would go back numerous times to use the 50% off coupon. I got most of the cubes for Christmas. I then asked for shelves for my birthday.

While my room is constantly changing as I find out I need storage for something new, I have found some great things to help me store my supplies where I’ll know where they are.


For most of my ribbons, I repurposed thick plastic bags that had once held scrapbooking kits. I used my Crop-A-Dile to punch holes through both sides about 1” apart. I then put my ribbon into the bags and put one end of each out of the holes so it is easy to pull out. I now have four of these. I hung them up on the Command adhesive hooks so I can easily take them down when I am looking for amatch. I haven’t had too many problems with the ribbons getting stuck either.


I am a collector of pretty papers. Sometimes I buy whole kits and other times I find a paper or two in a collection I like. I have two different storage solutions for this. For the collections that I buy, I use my hanging files. I label the tag with the name of the paper and brand, and then place all the paper and flat embellishments in there. The three-dimensional embellishments go on my Clip It Up.

If I did not buy the whole collection, I put the individual sheets of paper in sheet protectors in binders next to my table. When I want a particular look, all I have to do is open up the binders. If I bought a cute embellishment to go with the page, I use the American Crafts page protectors with spots for 4” x 6” pictures to put them in.


I have several different storage solutions for my embellishments. My newer stuff goes on the Clip It Up where I can easily rummage through it. For major themed things, like Christmas, Halloween, and Disney, I have a file folder in one of my cubes labeled for each of them. I have plastic bins for Stickles, journaling cards, and chipboard letters. For buttons, eyelets, brads, and other small items, I used small plastic divided bins with locking lids.

Things at hand:

There are items I know I use every time I scrap; those go right next to my desk. I bought a Store-in-Style cube to keep all the items in. I have a binder with sketch ideas; two binders with loose 12” x 12” papers; a plastic bin with adhesive; and a carousel desktop organizer with scissors, my ATG gun, and remotes in it. I also keep most of my pens in the pen caddy by Crop in Style.

I put my table in the middle of the room so I can swivel the chair around and be facing the computer. I have my Silhouette, scanner, and printers connected to the computer.

My pride and joy:

There is one thing in my room I love the most and it’s something you can’t buy in a store. I wanted a cabinet to hold my albums in, but there was one problem; most cabinets you can buy are not deep enough. I have a grandpa who has made kitchen cabinets before and I asked him if he would be able to make me one. I gave him the dimensions and the following Christmas he surprised me with the most beautiful cabinet. It is deep enough to hold my albums and has a lip on it so they don’t all come out when I’m pulling one out. It’s also the perfect storage for all of those class and dance pictures until they find their way onto a page.

I’ve already put in my order for two more, one without doors and one just like the one I have. I cannot wait until they are all up.

As for the deal with my husband about sharing the space, I kept that promise – he has his own little part of my room. I feel kind of bad because I have taken over so much of the room that I think I should help him move his stuff into the play room, where he’ll have more space. Aren’t I the nice, thoughtful wife?


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