Step-by-Step: What is MY Name?

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Article Courtesy by Nora Noll

For most of the scrapbook pages I create, I use the photos as the inspiration behind the design. However, occasionally there are subjects where the photos are the supporting detail rather than the focus. To create this page about my dog, Zack, I chose to journal first and then find photos to bolster my story. I used papers from the BasicGrey Max and Whiskers Collection to complete this pet scrapbook page. Here is how I created "What is My Name?" step by step.




  1. Print journaling onto the BasicGrey Line Up  paper. Trim the paper into a 5” by 10” strip, with the journaling at the bottom. Round the two bottom corners. Ink around the edges and adhere to the Tiger  background paper so that the right edge of the journaling strip is 2” from the right side and 1” from the top of the page.
  2. Cut a 3 ½” by 12” strip from the Goldie  patterned paper. Ink around the edges. Adhere 3 ½” from the top of the paper.
  3. Trim the Clarence patterned paper  into a 2” by 12” strip. Tear along the bottom and ink around the edges. Adhere on top of the Goldie paper strip, 4” from the top of the page.
  4. Cut the Mittens patterned paper into two 4 ¼” circles. Ink the edges.
  5. Trim the photos into 3 ½” squares. Ink around the edges and adhere over the circles. Adhere to the page as shown.
  6. Adhere the title using the two types of Micro Monogram stickers and the Speckled Brown Eggs alphabet stickers.
  7. Ink and adhere the paw prints.

I hope you have as much fun creating story pages in your pet scrapbooking albums as I did with this page.


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