January 2011 Color Combo Challenge

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Article Courtesy Scrapjazz.com: by Georgina Hefferman

Have you ever experienced those times when you get stuck in a scrapping rut – you know the ones when your mojo has completely disappeared and you can’t improve on your crafty funk?  I have those days frequently this time of year; I’m not sure whether it is the change in weather, the darkness, the busy-ness that makes scrapping time precious, or the pressure that makes me lose all creativeness!

I think I may just have discovered the cure, however: the Scrap by Color tool on Scrapbook.com. If you haven’t checked this tool out you really should. It’s super simple to use and the results are instantaneous.

You start by clicking on the “browse” button  and uploading the photograph you want to use. I used one of my mum, taken when we went to the Build A Bear Factory on her birthday.

 This brings up your photograph and cleverly picks out the colors in your photo, matching them to a color palette which you can play around with until you are happy with a scheme.

There are so many options to choose from and the color palette is varied. I especially like the “contemporary” option.

 I settled on using the triadic colour combination, though, for my photo and used this as my inspiration to create my layout:

I was quite happy with the results so I gave the color combination to a few of my scrapbook friends and asked them to create their own layouts using the same color scheme.

This is what they came up with:

Chelsey Watts chose to use the dark red for her background paper and then with the browns and blues created matting for her gorgeous photo. She highlighted the yellow in her photo perfectly with some yellow patterned paper, and the layering really gave her layout dimension.

Kelly Rumbol decided to use the blue as the main focus of her layout and brightened it up a little. She kept things simple, focusing on the photograph but she added cute little accents with a green paper flower and a yellow title. The white border really makes the layout pop.

Kimberly Morris created a digital layout and used all of the colors in my color palette. She chose the blue as her main background and then used colors in the embellishments to bring it all together.  I especially love the layering of embellishments with the stencilled title.

Lesle Alvarado Mora also created a digital layout. She too used all of the colors in the palette but she split them across on her page instead of one solid background color. I love the dots all over the page and how the ribbon really unites the photo to the page.

Sandie Dunne used the red as her main focus of her page but she chose an orange tint. She used vertical stripes across the page in all of the other colors; she chose the perfect paper.  I love her subtle embellishments and sprinkling of white.  The lace is gorgeous.

Stephanie Wright took her layout in a completely different direction and chose to use the green as her main focus. She accented it with black and made a stunning layout that has real impact. I especially love the swirls behind her photo and her blue hints here and there.

It just goes to show you that one simple color palette can be used in so many different ways. The Scrap by Color tool is certainly something I will be using again and again and again!


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