10 Valentine’s Layouts

By: Scrapbook.com

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Article Courtesy Scrapjazz.com: by Denise Gormish


Valentine's Day is a wonderful holiday filled with love and candy. What a great combination! There are so many aspects of valentines and a wide variety of valentine-related products. That makes it a fun holiday for creating scrapbook pages. I spent a morning scouring the Scrapjazz gallery for my 10 favorite valentine scrapbook pages created by artists like you.

  1. Love Flowers by Scrapshe. Flowers are a wonderful Valentine's Day gift. Be sure to photograph any you might receive. While red and pink are traditional colors, don't be afraid to add other colors such as the green and brown in this layout.
  2. First Valentines by Charlieswife. Valentine's Day is a fun holiday for kids. From their first school party to the last one, remember to create layouts about this special day. The soft colors on this layout and the bold title are wonderful. The whole layout is brought into focus by a big beautiful heart.
  3. oXoXo by Trish Dykes. Titles on Valentines's Day layouts often feature the word "love" or "valentines" but this layout uses a simple "oxoxo" to get the message of love across.
  4. Pink & Red by Kristi Sweetsauer. This fun two-page spread features pink and red, including some that has been painted on the layout. The hearts are gorgeous addditions to this layout. The ribbon on the bottom unites the two pages.
  5. Sweet Treats by Nora. Valentine's Day is more than just getting goodies. It is giving as well. This lovely two-page layout describes the "giving" in its lovely design.
  6. Homemade Valentines by Sweetkelleys. If your child makes his or her own Valentine's Day cards, then feature that process on a layout for a wonderful memory. This layout has a beautiful title and simple design.
  7. first valentine by Scrapaddict Tracey. This layout caught my eye due to the selective coloring on the photograph that highlights the roses. The trim, letter stickers, felt and flowers give dimension to this layout.
  8. Hugs and Kisses by Momto3redheads. This layout has a beautiful color scheme highlighted in the lovely patterned papers. The hearts provide a nice touch and balance the layout.
  9. My Valentines by Nancola. Not all layouts have to have color photographs. This one features three black-and-white photographs. The bright red and pinks provide a contrast to the black-and-white photographs. This layout is filled with energy.
  10. Joey's 1st Valentine's Day by Designsbybriana. Don't forget to include memorabilia from Valentine's Day including the cards. This layout features the cards for a baby's first Valentine's Day. The photograph adds the feeling of love.

Valentine's Day is a great time to express your love. Some create a Valentine's Day layout and share it with others so they can also get inspired!


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