Product Review: BasicGrey - Hello Luscious Card Kit

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Article Courtesy by Maegan Hall


Product Name:  BasicGrey - Hello Luscious Card Kit

Price: $14.99

Product Description:

BasicGrey's card kits are for anybody! Whether you're struggling with card composition, need a mini class in cellophane or like a ready-to-go project when your friends invite you to an impromptu crop, you can't go wrong with this kit. It comes with one sheet of rub-ons and stick, one sheet of covered chipboard embellishments, two sheets of perforated cardstock diecut/paper-piecing-like pieces and the step-by-step instructions (with example picture) to complete eight cards of various sizes. BasicGrey provides more chipboard and cardstock embellishments than what is needed and/or used in the examples. 

In Use:

This is not my first Basic-Grey card kit, so I am used to the way I like to use them. Since the obvious way includes inserted instructions, I will discuss the way I use the kit personally. As usual, I did not like the examples on the front, so I first arranged the cards according to the directions before I re-arranged the elements to fit my taste. I then picked my sentiment and created the card. With this kit I was disappointed that there were rub-on phrases that I had seen in other kits and that this particular kit did not have a "Happy Birthday" rub-on at all. Instead the sheet included several "Thank You" sentiments and the rest were just odd. Also, I had a hard time getting out the letters for the word "Beautiful" and ended up throwing it all away after tearing the fragile cardstock letters. The diecut pieces are also on a large cardstock sheet from which you have to "pop" out the piece. There are paper remains on the diecut which can be cut or sanded off.

As with all BasicGrey kits, their examples include penmanship and other things done by hand. Please don't buy the kit thinking that there is a "stitching" rub-on included.

Tips & Techniques:

  • Prior to committing and gluing down your paper pieces, arrange your stuff on all eight cards to be sure of what pieces you want to use on which card.
  • Give a friend the leftover instructions that come with the kit. She can create the same cards using her own scrap stash.
  • Have a list of your sentiment "needs" prior to creating the cards. It doesn't help a sick person when all the cards you just created read "Happy Birthday." With a prior plan, you know to save one of those cards to wish your sick friend well again.
  • Make cards even if you don't need them. I love the feeling of seeing a need and instantly blessing somebody with an encouraging card from my stash.
  • Bring or buy blank cards and envelopes for the extra pieces BasicGrey throws in and don't forget some scrap paper. BasicGrey does not give any extra paper.
  • Think outside the box and create cards that you like; you do not have to follow the included instructions.
  • Don't create the card you're giving somebody right in front of them. The best advice I've heard in the design world is, "The idea is to ‘WOW' people with magic, not show them what goes into it." They don't need to know your card is from a kit.
  • Don't forget adhesive!

Project Ideas/Examples:

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