Organizing Brads

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Article Courtesy by Georgina Hefferman


They are so annoying, but so lovely all at the same time!  Brads are absolutely brilliant for securing paper and photos to a scrapbook page or for giving that finishing touch to a card. Versatile, easy to use, great to alter and simply wonderful - but oh so small, and easily lost on a messy craft desk!

Organizing brads can be a little bit of a headache, can't it? Brads come in all different shapes and sizes and come in a variety of different types of packaging.

These gorgeous BoBunny brads come on their own foam backing, which keeps them secure and undamaged in transit.

These cute little Making Memories brads come in a little package all mixed in together.

These Teresa Collins decorative brads come secured through their backing sheet.

That's why trying to find a way to organize your brads can be a little bit of a challenge. I think I've finally cracked it, though, and thought I would share my storage method with you!  It is simple really! I organize by color as well as by size (small, medium and large) and place them in little sections of a plastic container.

You can see from this photo that each color and size has its own section. I love this method as it allows me to see what I am running low on, so I know when I need to restock! The clear plastic allows me to do this with ease too. I don't have to open the box to know what is inside.

The box itself is so easy to open and when I do open it, nothing goes spilling onto the worktop (which means I lose less!) It is also easier to retrieve a brad from this box than from little plastic bags, which is how I once stored my brads. I also find that the backs of the brads are more protected using this method.

 Of course it is also fantastic that each of these boxes then stack on top of each other so they sit on my bookshelf nicely! I like things to look neat and tidy where they can!

You can buy several different types of clear boxes on  Here are some of my favorites:


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