Martial-Arts Embellishments

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Article Courtesy by Rachel Myerson


As your child progresses through martial arts, there are plenty of opportunities for scrapbooking, including belt promotions, tournaments, and performances.  Here are some ideas for embellishing your martial-arts scrapbook pages.

Martial-Arts-Themed Products

The most straightforward way to embellish your martial-arts layouts is to use karate- and martial-arts-themed products. For this layout about my son's tournament, I used karate-themed paper from Paper House Productions Karate Collection and stickers from SandyLion.

A Rainbow of Belts

Although the martial-arts-themed products are great and easy to work with, there are not that many of them and as your child progresses through the years, you will need to look for other ideas. Luckily for scrappers, as your child progresses through the belts, they are also progressing through the rainbow of your stash, wearing belts that can be easily made from ribbon scraps.

Here is a simple example of an "orange belt" that I made by knotting a small piece of ribbon to look like a belt.

For this board-breaking layout, I took another approach. I used a 12" piece of purple ribbon and cut a very thin strip of black paper to look like the stripe on my son's belt.

Of course, you don't need to use ribbons.  Brads, buttons, and papers in the belt color are all great options for belt-themed layouts. This is also an opportunity for monochromatic or color-themed layouts. As my son progressed from orange to purple, I had the unique opportunity to do a purple boy layout. I used Halloween-themed paper with a little orange to match with the previous belt shown in some of the photos.

Make Your Own

As your child progresses through martial arts, there will be a series of logos and patches, both from the dojo and tournaments. Use your scanner to copy these and print them on good quality paper to make your own embellishments. These are perfect for your scrapbook but be careful about posting layouts with copyrighted logos.

Broken Boards

After a couple of years in martial arts, you may find yourself with a growing stack of broken boards.  These can be used for martial-arts-themed projects such as this photo plaque I made about my son winning a medal for breaking this actual board.


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