Product Review: Prima Sculpture Resin Flowers

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Article Courtesy by Rachel Myerson


Product Name: Prima Sculpture Resin Flowers

The smaller assortments containing 12 flowers are available for $2.99 and the larger assortments with18 flowers are $3.99.

Product Description:
These Prima resin flowers are part of the Cabachon collection designed by Donna Downey.  They are solid flowers with adhesive (similar to a glue dot) on the bottom. They are available in six colorful assortments, each of which includes a mixture of sizes and colors. The largest flower is just under 1" across and ½" high. The smallest flower is half those dimensions.

In Use:
These flower embellishments come on a plastic sheet. Hold the sheet over your project until you determine color, size, and placement. Then remove the flower from the plastic and adhere to the project. These are so easy to use that my youngest son enjoys helping me with them.

When I first bought these flowers, I was bit hesitant because I thought they might look like plastic. However, they look nice when I saw them in person, and I enjoy using them on my projects. The only disadvantage of the Prima resin flowers is that the larger ones are a bit bulkier than some people like on their scrapbook pages. If this is the case, I suggest using the smaller flowers on scrapbook pages and the larger flowers on cards and other projects where height is not an issue.

Tips & Techniques:
These flowers are easy to use and lots of fun. A few suggestions:

  • Use the flowers on their own for a quick embellishment.
  • Use the resin flowers as the center of a larger fabric or paper flower.
  • Arrange the flowers up a vine.
  • Since these flowers are somewhat bumpy, consider using the smaller ones on scrapbook pages and the larger ones on cards.
  • These flowers are particularly appealing to children so they are a good choice on cards for little girls.
  • Since the flowers are self-stick and easy to handle, use your leftover flowers for children's art projects.
  • Combine the resin flowers on the same scrapbook page with Webster's Pages resin birds.

Project Ideas & Examples:
On this layout about field day at my son's school, I used a medium-sized green resin flower as the center of a larger flower. I'm not often able to use flowers on boy layouts and I thought that adding the Webster's resin bird to match the flower center would give it more of a spring feeling.

I also used a resin flower as a center for a larger flower on this layout about the bird that moved into our window. I like that the small resin flower inside the larger white fabric flower gives a three-dimensional representation of the flowers on the patterned paper.

My son and I enjoyed using the Prima resin flowers and other items from my stash to work together on his Earth Day project. We had so much fun doing it together that we took a photo of him holding the project and made a layout about it. He said the Prima resin flowers were really good and I should order more. I thought this was the cutest thing and was so thrilled to have my son take an interest in my hobby that I immediately ordered another pack. Scrapbooking experiences like this make it more worthwhile.

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