Organizing Your Copic Markers

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Article Courtesy by Patter Cross


So you find that your Copic collection is growing. Now you are wondering how you are going to organize these wonderful markers. Today, I want to share a few ideas with you to get you thinking about what may work best for you.

Before investing in a storage product for your markers, think about how you will be using them. Will you only be using them at home? Will you be taking them to crops? Will you be teaching a class using them? Do they need to be portable or not? Your answers to those questions will help determine what type of storage will be best for you. In this article, we will look at the options that are available to you through

Portable Storage

If you find you need to be able to take your markers to classes or crops, the Copic wallets would be a great storage option. These wallets come in various sizes and can hold 24 markers, 36 markers, or 72 markers depending on the wallet you choose.

These wallets also work great if you travel around your house with your markers and craft in various places.

"At Home" Storage

If you do not need to take your markers with you to classes or crops, then Copic makes three options that work great:

The Copic Wire Stand works well on a desk, cabinet, or other flat surface. You can easily store your markers by color number or color family depending on your preference. This particular unit will hold 72 markers.

The Copic Block Stand also works on flat surfaces. Each block holds 36 markers, and you can purchase multiples blocks to stack on top of one another for beautiful vertical storage.

Another great option for storage at home or on the go are the Copic Clear Empty Cases. These cases can hold 12, 24, 26, or 72 markers depending on your storage needs.

To see a video previewing all of the above products, please click here. Be sure to search the Scraproom Gallery for more ideas. Use the keyword "Copic." Enjoy, and happy organizing!


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