Product Review: BasicGrey Rub-On Roller Tool

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Article Courtesy by Maegan Hall


Ever heard of people hating the sound of nails on a chalkboard? Personally, I hate touching raw wood. That includes popsicle sticks. Because I've never enjoyed using a popsicle stick for rub-ons, I was super excited about having a more official option for rub-ons. The fact that it's pretty and it works is just an added bonus!

Product Name: BasicGrey Rub-On Roller Tool

Price: $6.99

Product Description:

Basically this is a large ballpoint pen without the ink. It rolls like butter. Instead of scratching on a rub-on, you are using the ball inside the instrument to roll it on. On the other end is a straight edged plastic piece for setting the rub-on. I also use this for using rub-ons in tight spaces. As of now, the tool only comes in silver with black.

In Use:

After placing your rub-on, use your roller tool to apply pressure in order to attach the rub-on. You can use a back-and-forth motion, or small circular movements. Then flip over your roller and use the other end to go over the wax paper once more to make sure you didn't miss any part of the rub-on. I noticed that if I apply too much pressure, the roller tool will make indentions into my cardstock paper where the rub-on was applied. When I used a nice quality rub-on, this wasn't an issue. Since the tool is the same size as a pen, it feels great in my hands and is very easy to use. Some of you might want to place a finger grip on it if you have several hours of rub-on application to do (like invitations).

Tips & Tricks:

  • If I need to add a rub-on in the middle of thick chipboard, I use the edge of the plastic piece..
  • Don't be afraid to push down on your roller tool. I have pushed down really, really hard and it's never broken.
  • Keep your roller tool clean of any glue or adhesive as it could easily mess up the ball's ability to roll smoothly.

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