Friendship: 10 Projects to Inspire

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Article Courtesy by Denise Gormish


Friends are an important aspect of our lives. They provide us with some of our fondest memories. Make sure you scrap those memories and the relationship you have with your friends. Here are some great examples of scrapbooking about your friendships. All these layouts are in the Scrapjazz gallery for your inspiration.

  1. Forever Friends by Kimberly M. Friendships can be new or old. Take time to scrapbook about either the new ones or friendships that have hung on for a long time.
  2. best friend by Ema49erbrat. Some of our best friends are those from our childhood. Remember to include those of your childhood and of your children.
  3. boating buddies by ChrissyW. Some of the best photographic opportunities are when we are doing something with our friends. Include in your scrapbook pages the things that friends like to do together.
  4. Friends by Daisymeh. Formal photographs of you and your friend are a great way to record your friendship. If you get the opportunity, take advantage of it.
  5. Friends are the sunshine... by AliciaGiess. When creating a friendship page, don't forget all the great quotes about friendship. They can add a lovely touch to a page.
  6. These People by Denise Gormish. While considering your friends, don't forget those you have met on the Internet.
  7. Friends by Trish Dykes. Friends can be made while we engage in a hobby such as crafting. Remember these activities and people as well.
  8. My Sister My Friend by The Mom. Sometimes siblings are great friends.
  9. Friends Rock! by Catherine Pooler. Cards can be used to express friendship as well.
  10. Fifi: Girl's Best Friend by Amyj05. Our pets are very special and deserve a place in our scrapbooks. Record how special they are to you.

These fabulous pages provide a great source of inspiration for your very own friendship-themed pages.


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