Product Review: Prima Large Flower Stem Foam Stamp

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Article Courtesy by Patter Cross

Product Name:  Prima Large Flower Stem foam stamp (Donna Downey Collection)

Price:  $6.99

Product Description:

This large foam stamp is mounted onto a 3cm thick piece of acrylic which makes it sturdy and easy to use.  This stamp measures 4 1/4" x 10 1/2" which is large but also works very well with the Donna Downey Collection of foam stamps.

In Use:

Because of the sturdy acrylic base, it is very easy to stamp this very large image onto your page or crafting piece. It works beautifully with acrylic paints and washes up very easily in the sink with water.  You can also use your stamp inks but I prefer using acrylic paints with this particular stamp.

Disadvantages-Because it is a very large stamp, it would be hard to use on cards and it can be hard to store.

Tips & Techniques:

Since storage can be a problem with this stamp, I have found a solution that works for me. I have decided to hang the stamps in this collection by the ribbon that comes attached to the top of the acrylic. They look so pretty in my room and are then easy to grab to use. Here is a photo of some of the foam stamps in this collection and how I store them:

I absolutely love how they have dressed up my room, and it was a super easy storage solution!

Another tip is when inking up this stamp, it is very easy to use several colors because of its size. For this particular stamp, you could ink up the petals in different colors, the stem in another color, and the leaves in yet another color. It's really fun to play with!

Project Ideas & Examples:

Here is a 9"x12" art journaling page I created using this stamp. I used blue acrylic paint. I could have used different colored paints but chose not to for this particular piece.

I did, however, doodle around the image after my paint dried to give it a fun look. There are lots of possibilities with this stamp.


While this stamp is larger than most, do not let it scare you. It truly is fun to use and looks great on your paper creations!


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