Music-Themed Embellishments

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Article Courtesy by Maegan Hall

How does one exemplify sound visually? Most commonly, music notes are used to show that there is a pleasant sound being heard, but what if you've already done that over and over again? I created three music-themed projects using techniques that say "music" but are a little less "played" (used less often) than music notes.

Piano Card

I originally wanted to create a keyboard that stretched across a two-page layout, but my pictures didn't make it to me in time. So, I created a card to remind me once my photos get here. I did an Internet search for "piano keys" and just copied the formation since I don't have a piano memorized. My daughter verified I did it correctly. This was a really fun project and I used all scraps. For a little extra texture I roughed up the edges of each key so that they didn't blend together. Some chalk or ink would have the same effect on each key.

Guitar Card

I made this card for a friend of mine who leads worship and who is also going to play at a party I'm having. This card was harder than I thought, but I love a good challenge. I used a mini photo of a guitar and used it as a template for my paper piecing. For the strings I wrapped thread around my brads and tucked the strings underneath the card. I wanted the strings to be strung. If I can't make the guitar be heard, I wanted the strings to be felt. Chalk, penmanship and inking ages and accentuates my paper piecing.  Once my son takes guitar lessons, I can see this guitar being enlarged to fit on a 12"x12" page. I'm glad I made a mini version first.

"You've Got the Music in You"

I scraplifted myself for this layout. I originally created a "breeze" of clustered goodies to represent magic, but it works for music too. I loved making this because I was able to use a bunch of random leftover supplies, just as long as it was color coordinated. I originally got the idea from Disney's Pocahontas movie where the leaves and trash blow all around and Pocahontas would close her eyes and breathe in the presence of her deceased mother. Who knew flying debris could be so special? Sparkly embellishments arranged in a breeze-like formation totally say music too. Why not? The way the stream of embellishments flow around the page it would seem that no place on my layout could avoid its presence.

Some other ways to show music could be a spotlight created out of chalks, stars or doodles radiating from a particular photograph, or how about those sound recorders for your scrapbook? There isn't much that won't work; I think each family will find their own ways to show what music looks like to them. ­


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