PR: Prima Vintage Trinkets-Metal Flower Embellishments

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Article Courtesy by Maegan Hall

Product Name: Prima Vintage Trinkets Collection - Metal Flower Embellishments

Price: $4.99

Product Description:

Each package includes six beautiful filigree-like flowers. The smallest is .75" and the largest is about 2.5". The flowers are very sturdy and durable, but not too heavy should you choose to wear them as earrings or a keychain. These are a great deal at $0.83 each. Imagine the corsages you could make with these beautiful flowers customized to fit any wrist. Some have holes in the center for layering and easy attachment to your project with a brad. 

In Use:

I have been searching every thrift store in the area for weeks, searching for pieces of vintage metal floral jewelry. They're impossible to find under $3 and still be considered cute. I have found that I just love to use these ornately designed art pieces on just about anything; a necklace, card, layout or even a brooch bouquet.

One problem with this kit is that I want more. I loved playing with these and my mind just raced with all the ideas for it. You can decorate the cover of an album, make a brooch for church, or even make a clip for your hair. The possibilities are endless since we're working with a sturdy metal. My only complaint is that the rose buds are quite thick and other than E6000 or glue dots, there is no way to attach them; there is no hole to thread through. I have the same issue with the largest flower. There is no hole in the middle and I think the largest one needs it the most as it would most likely be placed on the bottom of a stack of flowers or buttons. Even with jewelry, how will one center the flower? You can't. You have to use a jump ring on the top of the flower and hang it from a chain. Other than this issue, these are still one of my favorite purchases lately.

Tips & Techniques:

  • Don't like the antique gold color? You can paint your flower trinkets! I usually like to seal it with clear nail polish.
  • Want more dimension to your flowers? Gently bend the corners to create even more height.
  • Keep in mind that some people are allergic to certain metals.
  • If you get these wet, they will rust. If you wear them and sweat, it might rub a little on your skin; I'm not sure.

I cannot wait to see what people start doing with these little treasures. You can even use these trinkets to repair broken jewelry pieces, or embellish a necklace from the mall for an even lusher look. I can't decide which project I want to do first.

Projects and Examples:

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