Valentine Banner Tutorial


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Article Courtesy by Georgina Hefferman

Valentine's Day is already fast approaching, and I decided to create a quick, cheap and easy banner for my craft room during this season of love!  You just need to grab a sheet of cardstock and some odd letters and embellishments you have left over in your stash and then, with a few simple steps you can create your very own Valentine-themed banner!  Here's how:

Step One

Cut a 12" x 12" sheet of cardstock into three pieces. Two pieces should measure 5"x 12" and the third should measure 2" x 12".

Step Two

With a pencil draw some zigzag lines across your page creating giant triangles. They don't have to be even in size. Random is good - it makes your final product more quirky!

Step Three

Cut along the pencil lines to create eight triangles.

Step Four

Using a black chalk ink, ink around the edges of the cardstock triangles. This gives them neater edges and makes them pop.

Step Five

Using a hole punch or eyelet setter, punch a hole in each of the two corners on the top of the triangle:

Step Six

Embellish the triangles with random lettering and paper/stickers - whatever you have on hand. I've added the word February to my banner but you can add anything you want.

Step Seven

Using some thread or ribbon from your scraps, loosely tie knots between holes in the different triangles, linking them all together.

Step Eight

Using the holes at the beginning and end of your banner, add enough ribbon to enable you to tie it up wherever you choose to display it.


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