Product Review: Craftwell eBosser

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Retail Price: $209.99 - $289.94 (The eBosser is available in two versions - the Craftwell eBosser and the Teresa Collins eBosser.)

Product Details

The Craftwell eBosser is an innovative wide-format electronic die-cutting and embossing machine designed to accomodate paper up to 8 1/2" x 24" in size.  The Craftwell eBosser comes in two versions: the standard eBosser and the Teresa Collins edition.  This machine is capable of handling all industry standard dies available on the market including steel-rule dies.

Unique Features

The eBosser is the first die-cutting and embossing machine on the market that has a small carbon footprint, is capable of handling both wafer-thin dies and steel-rule dies and offers die-cutting platforms in 8 1/2" x 11.7" and 8 1/2" x 24".  Additionally, this machine has a built-in mechanism to keep sandwiches too large for the machine from feeding through.  If you are familiar with some of the other electronic die-cutters on the market similar to this one, this is a nice feature that stops the death of an expensive machine!  Another nice feature of the machine is that once the sandwich is engaged you are not required to do anything. The machine will continue feeding the sandwich through to the other side on its own.

My Experience with the Machine

I waited for a long time to get my hands on this machine and it sat for almost an entire month before I got a chance to test it out.  At first I was very surprised at the weight of the machine, which has become a factor in taking this machine to crops outside of my home.  However, I have gotten used to the weight and do not think much of picking it up and moving it around anymore.  In the month I owned the machine without using it, I recognized that I have a large investment in other dies and embossing folders from the industry and was curious about how the eBosser would handle them, especially the 8 1/2" x 12" embossing folders.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my Spellbinders double-sided embossing folders went through like butter.

The machine was slightly noisy.  I live in an apartment complex and was concerned about disturbing the neighbors, which may be en exaggeration since I am used to hand-powered embossing and die-cutting machines.

Several features were quite handy. The eBosser will self-engage and pull your sandwich through on its own once you feed it in, which I found nice.  A big concern for me was the auto-safety feature of the machine, which is a major pull.  This was one of the most impressive and frustrating features of the machine.  At some point I had forgotten about a shim I had placed somewhere in my sandwich resulting in the machine stalling and then spitting the sandwich back at me several times.  I am glad for this feature as I may have continued to push a sandwich too large for the machine until breaking it.  Although it took a while to figure out why the sandwich was too large and not passing through the eBosser, I was incredibly grateful to not have a "Uh oh, how do I explain this broken toy to my husband" moment.

Overall, I am very happy with this machine.  I have been able to reduce from two machines to one.  Additionally, this machine provides a large die-cutting platform without the financial or footprint cost of a 12" x 12" die-cutter.


* 8 1/2" x 11.7" and 8 1/2" x 24" cutting platforms

* Auto-safety mechanism

* Ability to handle all industry standard dies including steel-rule (i.e. Tim Holtz, Sizzix) and wafer-thin dies

* Can also use the Lifestyle Crafts Letterpress Kit

* Small footprint in your space

* Handy booklet provided which includes the "recipes" for your sandwiches for industry embossing folders and dies of various thickness

* Self-feeding


* Electric (If you live in an area prone to loss of electricity, this could be a problem.)

* Heavy

* Pricier than other machines

* A little noisier than I had anticipated

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