Matchbox Mini Gift Box by Kim Kwan

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Matchbox Mini Gift Box







4 empty matchboxes

2 3.5"x3.5" chipboard squares

2 5"x5" pieces of patterned paper

4 2"x5" pieces of patterned paper (to fit matchboxes)

3' ribbon

4 mini-brads

Large silk flower

Decorative tag


1/6" hole punch

Large safety pin



1. Adhere patterned paper squares to each of the chipboard pieces.

2. Cut corners of paper to mitre edges and then adhere edges to finish.

3. Punch a hole in one end of each matchbox "drawer" and insert mini-brads.

4. Wrap and adhere paper strips around each matchbox

5. Position and adhere matchboxes on the bottom chipboard piece

6. Adhere remaining chipboard piece to top.

7. Wrap with ribbon as you would a gift package.

8. Adhere sillk flower to the top of the package using a large safety pin.

9. Tie on decorative tag

10. Fill "drawers" with goodies and enjoy!!








© 2006 Kimberly A. Kwan for Scrapbook Answers

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