Username Post: Any Young and The Restless Fans Out there?
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  • Bluffy Said:
I would like for Billy to give his marriage a try because of Cordelia, but then I am still mad with Chloe for interfering with Cane & Lily's relationship.
I wonder will Cane & Mac hook up.

I feel the same sometimes he can seem so sincere! But then turn around and be a jerk. I DO NOT like the character playing Mac she is so not suitable LOL. I loved the original Mackenzie & Billy but I like the one that plays him now he is HOT!!!! I hope that Cane has a dream that its the wrong thing to do.

Poor Karen! Do you think her and Neils marraige can be easily broken!? What do they only have one day they hear custody hearings in Genoa City?

And Kevin boy is he messed up do they have him on meds? How did they make the determination to do that if they don't think he is crazy, I do not understand. Is thats whats making him see the Chipmunk and hear everyone the way that he does? Maybe hes going on vacation and thats why the storyline is this way.

Oh and Sharon and Phyllis ~does anybody know she(Phyllis) is a big time Physco!! then Nick and Sharon will raise 10yr old summer thats how old she will be in 2 months they do it like that LOL! I think shes going to stab or try to stab Sharon she seems to have a thing for shop objects. But hopefully she will have flashbacks of what SHelia did to her and realize shes going crazy and get help NOT.

Thats my take on Y&R today! Feedback pls

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