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just want to share--I posted this on another thread-- I AM ALLERGIC TO CLEANING!! hehehe I tell my kids and the dh this when I just cant do it--truth is I do what I can in little bits and get them to help but we are a family and our house is lived in and I love it that way--its not filthy or anything like that but on fri night when i dont work and we are all home and then sat morning when I wake up and see socks and shoes on the floor and a few pillows in the kitchen on the floor where they are obviously not suppposed to be--I smile and tell myself it is ok. I pick up a little and work my way around if the whole house doesnt get cleaned all in one day thats ok we have 7 days a week to clean and guess what ---??? that dust WILL be there tomorrow so I will get it then--hahahaheheh I try to treat it as not the end of the world!

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