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My name is Holly, and I'm 44. I am married to Jaime, and have been for almost 26 years. (yes I was 18, and yes it's lasted,,,,so far, lol) I have three children, Katie 23, Nicholas 21, and Hannah 17,,,,,bless God,,I also have 3 grandchildren, 2 biological, and one who is my oldest dd's step son,,,we forget which one is the step (grin),,,They are 8, 7, (the two boys) and 2 (my granddaughter),,,,

and yes, that means my oldest dd was 15 when she had her son,,,,she's done a fantastic job, and they lived with us until he was 4,,,Now they don't,,,,but they live close

My grandson is Deaf, so I am involved in the Deaf community alot, and I sign fluent 8 year old sign We learn with Michael

I have a pug named Bailey and a Cricut named "Lu-lu",,,don't ask, my daughter calls her Lu-lu because she claims I was LU-LU from the day I started scrapping,,,,

I work part time overnights as the night auditor in a hotel,,,,but we are discussing a promotion currently that would have me working full time days as the Director of Sales and Marketing for the hotel,,,,we'll see how much they offer me I'd love the job, as I spent years working in a travel agency as the Director of group bookings and this is quite similar,,,

Hmmmmmmm family portrait, LOL,,,,,since when do we all sit still long enough to be photographed together????? I'll work on it,,,,,,I promise

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