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Danny had an auction for his work. He made a few sales and he and Jana closed up and were celebrating when a man walked up on them they said oh they didnt realize anyone was here. He said I was so captivated by your work I want to make a purchase. Daniel said which one he said ALL OF THEM and gave him a check. It was a real check he was happy told Amber. The next day the guy came back and said that he was FBI or something and he was investigating stolen art from a Boston museum a true thing here!! n-thieves-l...
He said Daniels work was similar and had so much character and he had to make a deal to try to paint a replica to draw the thieves out?
It sounded way fishy to me. And he was not supposed to let anybody know he was doing it. Jana you know since her crazy background with ancient artifacts figured it out. Now they are ram shacking his place and threating his friends lives? FBI does that.

OK Barbara-Bluffy I guess you were right MaryJane got a new face. Perhaps it is Diane but if not who?

I was so excited that Nick told Sharon he wanted to leave Phillis and come back to her. But she wouldn't have it at least for right now. I am telling you ladies you want to bet its going to drive Phyllis to litterly run her over LOL!

I am going to miss it tonight daycare cooking class Urgh!!! so you guys watch and fill me in!

Oh one last thing Adam makes me sick!!!

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