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  • zrock on 06-07-09 03:40 PM

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gosh somedays are just like that for most it seems everyday!! just gotta take a deep breathe and remind yourself that you are blessed regardless of the chaos around you --cuz girl I know it let me tell you when all the kids are home and the bring their friends over I am not kidding we have literally had up to 10 --18-21 yr olds, 3--10-11 yr olds, 3--4-6 yr olds and the baby!! gil and just go to our room put the tv and wait to see who comes in with what story we thank god that our house is sturdy and try not to stress over the mess that we know for sure will be there in the morning that we will pick up because our kids only half did it--hahaha but you are right I wouldnt have it any other way!!

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