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xAlysonex, welcome! What is your name so I don't call you by your screen name all the time.

Don't even get me started. I know how you feel and I only have ONE child. My son has energy from sun up to sun down and its crazy over here half the time. He has a little screaming problem, but my mom said I used to have one too. lol
But I love the crazyness! lol

Nope, sorry hun...not really a football fan. I mean, I just don't get guys running around trying to get a ball, wearing very tight spandix (spelling right?!) but hey, I'll watch the butts!
I do like watching the superbowl though.

UGH...tomorrow starts 10 hour shifts for me!!! Yay, I mean, at least I am getting paid! I hope I'll be on just to check in tomorrow.

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