Username Post: Any weird/cool/interesting places to stop at on a road tip out west? :)
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Not sure what part of TX you'll be through, but if you go through Amarillo, there is Cadillac Ranch (Stanly Marsh's creation...he's what you'd call an eccentric with way too much money and time on his hands). He also has posted signs (look like road signs) around town in Amarillo that are nonsense. Might have a strange picture or phrase on them. Kind of fun to go hunt all them out. Most of them are on the north end of town. Also in Amarillo is the trail of ponies. They are located throughout Amarillo. They are generally in front of businesses and are all painted with either art, business related things, etc. There is the Panhandle Plains History Museum in Canyon. Huge and an awesome museum. Palo Duro Canyon is cool and this time of year you can go see the play "Texas" each night. It's a nationally known play and is really good. In Lubbock you can go to the Buddy Holly museum.

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