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I am not here to try to argue. But I will say that Danielle is talking about someone in my family. He is a ver private man and I highly doubt that he gave HER permission to put his every move on the Internet. I doubt she even talked to him. I know for a fact that 2 o his son's are extremely irate that everything that has gone on as well as is going on with him is on the Internet and a public forum such as sb.c.
It is one thing to say that a friends family member is sick or has cancer and ask for prayers and thoughts but to tell of his every move should not be posted by her or anyone for that fact. They are a VERY private family and has already made I know yesterday that they do not want anything else, in detail posted on the Internet. This is a FAMILY Issue and only a family issue.
If your friend shared it with you then it should stay with you. As you said he gave his family premission o shre with loved ones and close friends and not for his every move to be posted on the Internet.

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