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Can I join in?

Hi Genie

My little one's Harry Joseph (going by middle name, though) - April 12, 2010

Sleeping...ugh...I almost don't even want to go there. We've had two really bad nights in a row. Sunday night, after two hours of trying to get Joey to sleep, I just gave up. He was wide awake till 1:30am, then up around 4:30, then again around 8 and every hour after until I got out of bed. Then last night, it took an hour to get him to bed. He slept for 30min, and then fought going back to bed till 2am when I finally just dragged him into bed with me (every time he fell asleep and I put him back in the bassinet would result in sobbing/screaming). He does NOT like being separated to sleep. But, I get a midday nap, and so all is good, for the most part.

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