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Chris, glad to hear Joey's appointment went well!

Jessica, we certainly don't think you're crazy. I can relate on many levels, and I'm sure the others can too. I've burst into tears over breastfeeding troubles, and even over nothing important. And it is definitely tough to be away from family. We don't live near any family either, but thankfully they have been coming up for a day-trip on weekends so far. Good for you for drawing strength from those around you. I hope the worst is over for you and that things are looking up!

Genie, it must have been so difficult for you after Evie was born. But I'm so glad you're feeling more even and positive this time around. I didn't even think about how TV shows could more easily set us off now that we have children. Sitcoms are a wonderful thing - stick with those!

Thank you for sharing your personal situations. It's nice to know that others can relate!

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