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Happy Sunday all! Today was the last day of Sunday School (the teachers all received beautiful potted petunias from the Board of Christian Education as a thank-you for their serivce over the year - mine is kind of a two-toned purple), and after church one of the ladies from our congregation hosted a picnic at her house. Gorgeous, hot, sunny weather, so the indoor pool felt REALLY good! I'm looking forward to the summer break, although I do have a couple of things I'm planning on working on for next fall.

Then I came home and spent about an hour helping my dad out in the backyard. I always think of it as kind of a "perk" getting to work with him, as when my brother and I were growing up it was always James that was outside helping Dad. Now that he's living in Saskatchewan I get to go out and help Dad. Today we had to move my old rabbit hutch up to the back garden so that my dad can mow easier. Sadly, I think a mouse was hiding under it, and when we started moving the house he got squashed. Now don't get me wrong - I DO NOT LIKE MICE! But I felt kind of bad that we had accidentally killed one. But that hutch is so heavy that I'm sure it was a quick and painless death.

Well, I'm filthy dirty and in need of a shower. Have a good night and a great week!


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