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I work in an Elementary School Library. Grades K-5 and approximately 1100 students in all.
There are some pictures of the library that I work in on pages 9 & 10 of my gallery.
Do you work in a school or a public library?

You're library is amazing compared to our local elementary school libraries! But I guess we should just be happy to have school libraries, the district considered closing ALL elementary school libraries to met next years budget.

That would be awful to close the libraries! The school I work in is fairly new. Five years ago, 5 small elementary schools closed their doors and moved into a huge beautiful new school. The library is the central point of the school. If you were to fold the school in half from north to south, it would be like a mirror effect. Eight classes of K-5 (K-2 on the west side and 3-5 on the east), a double-sized gym, 2 art rooms, 2 music rooms, etc. The first time I walked in I felt like a mouse in a maze! I just learned in a library class that I took this summer that I work in the largest elem. library in the state of Iowa.
The school runs on a 8 day cycle. The library sees six classes a day (K-5) and it takes 8 days to see all 48 classes. It is really really busy and it is really really fun! I love my job!

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