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Thanks for the Welcome Lissa.

Well I have three children, Dakota who is 16, Jimmy who is 6 and Lil Nate who is 4. Im married to my bestfriend Tim, of 7 yrs.
Ive been a christian the last 5 yrs, My dh is not a believer, but I believe with prayer Ill get him there, I pray for his salvation everyday.
I work at jcpennys part time doing hair, Ive been doing this for 12yrs.

I do have a story to share, we were down to just one car, and my dh and I were useing one car for both of us to go back and forth to work, was making it very tough. And again I turned to pray about it, for about a week or so, And then my mom calls and tells me that we can use her car for awhile until we can get one.. (I thought ohh great that will be perfect) well in the mean time we have a old junk car sitting in our driveway, and my dh calls the junk yard and they will give us 300 bucks for it. Then my mom calls me a few days later and says we can buy her car for 300. I was sooo happy. God worked it all out for us, I really do believe in prayer for everything. I didnt stress to much because I knew he would take care of it. and He did.

Sorry but I had to share this with you all, I told everyone at church last week too.

Anything you'd like to know about me just ask. Ill share.

Blessing my new friends!

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