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Just breezing by while I get a

OMGosh someone with little girls - or big girls that used to be little - tell my B is normal. This girl has everything in her room, her stuff, the Bears stuff, things that belong in the basement play area, things that belong down here (main level). Then she has all these little purses, boxes, baskets, basically containers of any and all kinds full of little things, varieties of little things no rhyme or reason to them. Well I kind of know what a few of them are - she has Bears baby doll diaper bag full of stuff from one day she was playing office and it was her work bag. I'm sure everything else is similar situations. The Bears stuff being in there could be both girls as the Bear likes to play in there a lot.

Think I'm going to move the easel and dress up stuff to the basement play area since both girls play with that stuff - especially the Bear.

I am making lots of progress but just OMGosh. No wonder she'd get overwhelmed when I'd send her in to clean - she had no idea where to start. Maybe this will give her a fresh start since she is all of a sudden into helping me keep the main living area picked up.

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