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Hi Ladies...
What a wonderful surprise it was when I checked my email and saw a notice of a PM from Deb on this Chat. I love little spots like these for ladies to chat. I can just picture the decor in my head.
I have been out all day getting some last minute things done. I had to go pick up Tamales and I was just in time. They were getting really low on the home made ones. The grocery store was a made house. I was thinking that I was finally in for the weekend and ......
My hubby showed up at 8:00 after working over to make up for the days they are forced to take off without pay (or use vacation). He brought my 7 year old step son with him. I was not prepared to entertain SANTA this year. I already have all of his gifts wrapped and under the tree. Guess who is going out tonight and fight the crowd at Walmart......... Yes that would be me. Santa made a big showing last year at our house (also a last minute thing). He would not understand if the jolly fellow did not come down the chiminey and leave the same kind of loot.
I have been making things for the other kids but this little guy is a different story. Oh what life was like through the eyes of a 7 year old at Christmas.
HO HO HO!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!

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