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stopping in with a prayer request. I have a dear friend from the last town we lived in who is pregnant w/ baby (girl)#3 (due Easter). Her hubby just put in his resignation and they are moving across a state and a half on President's Day weekend.

Last night she had contractions for 5 hours. The second medicine they gave her finally stopped them, and she's on bedrest until Monday when she sees her doctor again.

You know how stressful moving is. You know how worrisome an at risk pregnancy is.

She's facing both. . . and moving into the house of a family member.

pray for me, that I can be more than just physical support (although packing boxes is really needed), but emotional as well. I also have to work Tues., and am praying for safe travel b/c the weather may get bad again in the next 24 hrs.

Thank you in advance. She's the kind of friend who dropped everything for me this spring when I thought my mom was dying. Sister friends are so rare. I'm telling you this b/c I think you understand, and I KNOW you will pray.

Brad's wife. Pray for Brad and his wife (2 kids under 5).

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